WEET WTP 3006 0.75W 19mm Rectangular Trimming Potentiometer

Power Rating (300volts max)0.75W@70℃,0W@125℃
Temperature Range-55℃ ~ +125℃
Temperature Coefficient±250x10-6/℃ (±100ppm/℃ on request)
Temperature Variation-55℃,30min, +125℃ 30min, 5 cycles ΔR≤±2%R.Δ(Uab/Uac)≤ ±2%R
Vibration10 – 500Hz, 0.75mm, 6h, ΔR≤±1%R,Δ(Uab/Uac)≤ ±2%R
Collision390m/s²,4000cycles, ΔR≤1%R
Electrical Endurance at 70℃0.75W@70℃1000h, ΔR≤±(5%R+0.1Ω), CRV≤±3%R or 5Ω(whichever is larger)
Rotational Life200 cycles, ΔR≤±(10%R+0.5 Ω), CRV≤±3%R or 5Ω (whichever is larger)
  • Audio devices: Adjustable potentiometers can be used to adjust parameters such as volume and tone in audio devices.

  • Lighting equipment: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used to control the brightness of lighting equipment,

  • Power circuit: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used to control the output voltage of power circuits

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