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Products Main ApplicationsKKpcsProduct NameProduct Type
 in motor controller    systems, automobiles, power supplies, rectifiers and inverters, home    appliances, power tools, and other equipment. in high fidelity stereo,    electronic calculators, computers, testing instruments, meters, auto    controlled equipment, military devices and aerospace equipment.2000Axial resistors (MO MF FR KNS KNP CF )Axial and SMD Resistors (Fixed Resistor)
Gold Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistors have the    characteristics of high power, small size, strong overload capacity, sturdy    structure, and high reliability; Widely used in power supplies, frequency    converters, elevators, industrial control, and stage audio systems.400Cement Resistors(SQP, SQM) AH Gold Aluminum Housed Resistor
SMD resistor is a miniaturized resistor widely used in    electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, electronic    dictionaries, medical electronics, cameras, electronic kilowatt hour meters,    and VCD machines100000SMD Resistors 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 1218, 2010, 2512
Audio devices: Adjustable potentiometers can be used to adjust    parameters such as volume and tone in audio devices. For example, common    audio amplifiers require the use of adjustable potentiometers to control    their output volume and balance parameters. Meanwhile, in some professional    audio devices, such as recording studio monitors, adjustable potentiometers    are also required to obtain accurate audio monitoring.409mm Square and Rectangular Trimming PotentiometerTrimming    Potentiometers (Variable Resistor)
Lighting equipment: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used    to control the brightness of lighting equipment. For example, some TV    background lights, wardrobe lights, etc. require adjustable potentiometers to    control their brightness. In addition, adjustable potentiometers are also    needed in some stage lighting equipment to accurately control the brightness    of each lamp.306mm Square Round and SMD Trimming Potentiometer
Power circuit: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used to    control the output voltage of power circuits. For example, some inverters, AC    voltage regulators, constant current sources, etc. require the use of    adjustable potentiometers to achieve precise voltage or current regulation.20063 065 3318 Phenolic Consumer Trimming Potentiometer
Temperature sensor: Adjustable potentiometer can also be used in    temperature sensors. By adjusting the resistance value of the adjustable    potentiometer, the sensitivity of the sensor can be changed to achieve    automatic temperature control or measurement.23450 3590 Precision Trimming Potentiometer

High resistance Resistor requires cutting and cannot be wire-wounded

Cutting Resistors: CR, MF…

Cutting → Welding → Painting → Packaging (Rolling)

Cement Resistors: SQP, SQM, SQZ

Stamping → Core arrangement → Mud filling → Baking → Packaging

Wire Wound Resistors: KNP, KNS
Welding → Wire Wounding → Painting → Packaging (Rolling)

1. 200 million PCS/month for MF, CR, FR and other products
2. Cement 1 million PCS/month
3. KNP approximately 20 million PCS/month