About us

About us

WEE Technology Company Limited is a marketing office established in Hong Kong since 2000. Our resistor factory located in Dongguan province of China. We are specialized in manufacturing, R&D, Production and Sales of SMD, Axial, Cement, Audio and Power resistor products. WEET factory are endowed with ISO 9001 quality management certifications. All of our products are RoHS and REACH Compliance, superior quality with competitive price.WEET is in full charges of supporting and handling all the affairs and business development of the overseas customers from our mainland factories.



WEE Technology produces full range of axial Fixed Resistors, such as Carbon Film Resistor, Metal Film Precision Resistor, Metal Oxide Resistor, Fusible Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor, High Precision Metal Film Leaded Resistor, Metal Film Leaded Precision Resistor, Precision Compact Size Resistor Networks (UPSC), Jumper Wire Resistor, Low Value Wire Resistor, Metal Galazed Resistor, Melf Carbon Film Resistor, Melf Metal Film Resistor, Cement Resistor, Ceramic Resistors, Non-Flammable Wire-Wound Power Resistor, Aluminum Housed Wire Wound Resistor, Metal Clad Wire Wound Resistor.

Variable Resistors, also called Trimming Potentiometers, WEET is strong at  9mm 6mm Square Trimming Potentiometer,Square SMD Trimming Potentiometer,Rotary Metal Wire Wound Precision Trimming Potentiometer,Phenolic Consumer Trimming-Potentiometer etc.

WEE Technology potentiometers (WEET trimming potentiometer) include following part number: WTP-3006, WTP-3266, WTP-3269, WTP-3296, WTP-3323, WTP-3329, WTP-3362, WTP-3386, WTP-3306, WTP-3309, WTP-3540, WTP-3590, WTP-3318, WTP-065, WTP-3313, WTP-3224 and so on.

The resistors we produce are widely applied in Automotive Industry, Power Supply Industry,LED Lighting, Home Appliances, Communication Equipment, electronic toys and other consumer goods, Medical Equipment Industry, communication equipment, computers, automotive electronics, high-frequency and microwave circuits,automotive electronics, power circuits, converters, regulators and other fields