WEET WTP 3318 0.1W 6mm Phenolic Round Trimming Potentiometer

  • Single Turn/ Phenolic/ Industrial/ Sealed.

  • 2 Terminal Styles.

Datasheet: https://www.resistorsfactory.com/Datasheet/WEET-WTP-3318-0.1W-6mm-Phenolic-Round-Trimming-Potentiometer.pdf

Standard Resistance Range100Ω - 1MΩ
Resistance Tolerance±30%
Contact Resistance Variation10% max
Adjustment Angle210o±20
  • Audio devices: Adjustable potentiometers can be used to adjust parameters such as volume and tone in audio devices.

  • Lighting equipment: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used to control the brightness of lighting equipment,

  • Power circuit: Adjustable potentiometers can also be used to control the output voltage of power circuits

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